Workforce Development

Project Cornerstone’s Workforce Development programs recognize that the earlier students learn about their strengths, interests and values, the better career choices they make.


Our programs introduce middle school students to the amazing career opportunities available to them in the construction industry and continues to educate students in high school about the greater opportunities there are for a career in construction.
Students will be more likely to select a construction related pathway if they are introduced to the industry prior to graduating from high school.

Implementation of Project Cornerstone’s programs will achieve the following:

  • Development of a strong appreciation for the construction industry by younger generations

  • Provide information about the construction industry to encourage future generations to seek careers in the industry

  • Provide students with relevant training and experience in the construction industry

High School Program

Project Cornerstone’s programs are developed around the standards teachers are required to comply with and they target existing school programs that are career based.

High School:

High Schools have an existing program that connects learning to work, known as Career Technical Education (CTE). The goal for CTE classes is to prepare students to be career ready. There are several career “clusters” within the high school CTE system, one of which is focused on Building and Construction Trades.  
Project Cornerstone has developed the “Follow the Rock Pre-Apprenticeship” program to help high schools offer Building and Construction students information in a pathway leading to “Engineering and Heavy Construction”.

“Follow the Rock Pre-Apprenticeship” Program:

Project Cornerstone’s Pre-Apprenticeship program provides high school students a unique opportunity for hands-on experience with careers in the construction industry. Our program starts with an in-class introduction to construction jobs, followed by two field trips where students see first hand the various jobs that are available at construction sites and have the chance to interact with site employees. Next, over spring break, students work with our local partner Hawthorne CAT for one week, and learn how to operate heavy machinery. Students leave this 1 week training with a Level 1 Equipment Operator Certification. Following the Hawthorne CAT training, students will have another in-class workshop focusing on career readiness skill building. Lastly, Project Cornerstone guides students based on their aptitudes and interests in deciding what their post-graduation steps will be.

  • Level 1 Equipment Operator Certification Training is sponsored by Hawthorne CAT

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