CTE Teacher Field Trip to RCP Block & Brick

Written by Alyssa Burley.

RCP Block & Brick, a manufacturer of hardscape products and masonry supplies in Southern California, hosted Career Technical Education (CTE) teachers from the Grossmont Union High School District on Wednesday, May 25, 2016.  The field trip was organized by Project Cornerstone who is working with the district's CTE specialist to ensure the construction aggregates and related industries are included in the local CTE programs. 

CTE programs are designed to train high school students to enter the workforce or continue onto college after graduation, with the skills they need to be successful in today's job market.  Through educational paths in manufacturing, transportation, building and construction, engineering and architecture, and others, students graduate with skills that make them ready to enter the workforce.  Project Cornerstone is bridging the gap between high school CTE teachers and the industry in order to ensure there is a skilled workforce interested in the aggregates and related industries in the future.  Currently, most CTE programs do not educate students about the industry.

The field trip began at the RCP Block & Brick corporate offices at the Lemon Grove location.  Kathy Olsen and Craig Finch from RCP Block & Brick introduced the teachers to RCP's history and provided a tour of the offices, retail store, products and displays. 


After the tour at the Lemon Grove location, the group headed down to the Otay manufacturing plant.

The teachers toured the mechanic's shop to learn about the types of transportation jobs available in the construction aggregates and related industries.  The teachers asked questions and learned the skills employers want to see in new hires.

They also met the dispatcher who tracks and coordinates deliveries.


The group toured the building where concrete blocks are manufactured.


At lunch, the group of teachers listened to Matt Pound from Escondido Materials talk about engineering and the industry. 

After lunch, the teachers tested their masonry skills by building a concrete block wall.

Overall, the CTE teachers enjoyed the RCP Block & Brick field trip and each one took something positive away from the tour.

Photos by Alyssa Burley.

To be involved in future CTE teacher field trips, as a guest speaker, or offer internships, contact Crystal Howard at (619) 284-8515 or crystal@project-cornerstone.org.