Project Cornerstone Celebrates Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Month!

March is STEM month!  STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  STEM programs are popping up all over the country to inspire students to go into STEM careers.  Project Cornerstone's programs fit perfectly into STEM-focused education.  Students learn the science behind concrete, technologies used in mining construction aggregates, engineering and mathematics that are used in the industry.

To celebrate STEM month, Project Cornerstone increased its educational efforts throughout San Diego County.

Throughout the month, Project Cornerstone estimates it reached over 2,200 students and parents with positive messages about construction aggregates and the importance of having local aggregate supplies.

Activities and events included in-class programs with 210 sixth-grade students from Greenfield Middle School and 36 advanced eight-grade students from Jean Farb Middle School; 600 middle and high school students at Career Day from Campo Middle School, Pine Valley Middle School, Portrero Elementary and Mountain Empire High School; field trips with 180 sixth-grade students from Cajon Valley Middle School; and over 1200 students and parents who participated in our booth at the San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering EXPO Day at PETCO Park.