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On April 16 & 17, 2019 Project Cornerstone hosted our first ever Equipment Operator and Mechanic Training for high school students.  This was a unique opportunity for the Building and Construction Career Technical Education students from IDEA Center and El Capitan High Schools that have been participating in our Follow the Rock Pre-Apprenticeship program this year.  On the first day, students received instruction from Hawthorne Machinery’s certified instructor on how to operate a skid steer.  Volunteers from the industry contributed their expertise providing an opportunity for students to learn and connect with someone that operates the equipment on a daily basis.  The second day, students advanced to learn how to operate a mini-excavator.  Once again, students had direct contact with industry experts and companies that are actively looking for people to fill similar positions.  After learning to operate a skid steer and mini-excavator students received hands-on introductory training for how to maintain equipment.  With advancements in technology, a mechanic uses wrenches and laptops to support heavy equipment.  Last but not least, students sat alongside an experienced 50-ton rock truck operator as they witnessed how the equipment is essential to keep our infrastructure maintained by transporting rock used in concrete and asphalt from the ground to the processing plant.

Heavy equipment operators and mechanics are one of the positions in highest demand but the hardest to fill for construction companies.  Additionally, these jobs do not require a college degree.  Project Cornerstone is helping to address this labor challenge by introducing high school students to these fantastic careers.  This first-ever event proved to be a tremendous opportunity where companies could actively recruit, interview and connect with students that will be interested in working in construction.  The students benefited by gaining some valuable training and seeing what possibilities are available for them when they graduate.  This training was a massive success for industry and students.

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Benefits of Supporting Project Cornerstone

Through its grassroots efforts, Project Cornerstone believes it can educate the public about the importance of mineral resources.  In turn, education will lead to a stronger public understanding of the local construction aggregates industry.  Project Cornerstone's goals are designed to create:

  • Fewer opponents against the construction aggregates industry through educational programs.

  • A boost to the local economy through well-paying jobs and more local mining operations.

  • A sustainable supply of local aggregate sources.

What does supporting Project Cornerstone include?

  • Promoting a positive image of the industry.

  • Education of younger generations through school programs and field trips that focus on the need for the construction aggregates industry.

  • Presentations covering the need for the construction aggregates industry to local groups and agencies.

  • Newsletter to report progress and activities.

  • Quarterly meetings.