Thank You Letters from Diego Valley Charter School

Written by Alyssa Burley.

On November 24, 2015, Project Cornerstone visited Diego Valley Charter School in El Cajon.  The high school students engaged in a lecture on construction aggregates, completed a sieve analysis, and made their own concrete projects. 

Here is what the school's faculty and administration had to say about the Project Cornerstone in-class activities:

"I was also vary pleased with the way that the seminar was aligned with our curriculum in both math and Earth science" wrote Michelle Mingo, Earth Science Teacher at Diego Charter School.  "Project Cornerstone delivered a truly remarkable experience for these students and provided an opportunity for the students to explore the construction industry and the potential career paths that it offers.  The students were so grateful for the experience and shared nothing but positive remarks...We sincerely appreciate this incredible opportunity and I look forward to being able to offer this seminar to my future students."

"With the majority of our students being "at-risk," it is crucial for us to offer this program as a part of the educational experience at our school because it provides a hands-on approach and real world applications," wrote Peter Alkatib, Community Liaison for Diego Valley Charter school.  "The ability of the seminar to include mathematics and scientific applications made it even more attractive to the students.  The seminar was so successful that the students did not want it to end....The students and staff are truly appreciative of the experience and the level of professionalism demonstrated by you and your team.  We're sincerely grateful for your contribution to the continued success of these students and are fortunate to have Project Cornerstone as a partner."

write-up and photos from the in-class activity.