Science Teacher from Greenfield Middle School Sends Thank You Letter

Written by Alyssa Burley.

On November 10th, 12th and 13th, 2015, Project Cornerstone visited eight 6th grade science classes at Greenfield Middle School, reaching over 270 students.

Science teacher, Anglea Najera wrote a letter thanking Project Cornerstone for providing the in-class activities to all of the school's 6th grade students.

"Students were deeply engaged in the hands on learning experience of sorting aggregate materials and making concrete.  The program aligned perfectly with our curriculum and reinforced Earth science concepts taught in 6th grade," wrote Ms. Najera.

Project Cornerstone's in-class activities include a lecture on the importance of local construction aggregates, a hands-on sieve analysis lab, and a science project where students make their own concrete.

She continued to explain, "Greenfield's staff especially appreciated how Project Cornerstone's lesson had students authentically apply the scientific method during the activity, which included measurement, data collecting, and analysis."

Ms Najera finished her letter by thanking "the knowledgeable and professional staff who helped over two hundred 6th graders learn and be successful during the activity.  It is apparent that a great deal of planning and care went into designing and implementing the lesson."