Project Cornerstone Receives Touching Letter from Local Fifth Grade Teacher

Written by Alyssa Burley.

Ms. Kelly Nytes, a fifth grade science teacher at Central Elementary School, recently expressed her appreciation for Project Cornerstone's in-class activities in a letter to the organization.

"For the past two years, the fifth graders at Central Elementary School in San Diego Unified School District have been fortunate to participate in a Project Cornerstone classroom visit...Since the majority of our students are both English learners and living below the poverty line, these hands-on, real-world experiences are invaluable to them," writes Nytes.

She confirms "the lesson successfully meets many of our academic goals, but wouldn't be possible without the funding provided that allows Project Cornerstone to come to our school."

Ms. Nytes goes on to explain she doesn't have the budget to provide science programs like the one offered by Project Cornerstone.

"As a science prep teacher, I actually have no budget with which to buy supplies and materials.  I am always searching for ways to create engaging lessons without spending a great deal of my own money.  I would never be able to provide an opportunity like this to all five of our fifth grade classes (about 140 students) each year if it wasn't for Project Cornerstone," she writes.
We appreciate Ms. Nytes' comments and are glad that she highly recommends Project Cornerstone's program.

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