Field Trip with Students from Frazier Elementary

Frazier Elementary School's Principal Kniseley tweets about the in-class activities.

Written by Alyssa Burley.

On Friday, November 6, 2015, about 75 sixth-grade students from William H. Frazier Elementary School in Fallbrook, CA, visited Granite Construction's Rosemary's Mountain rock quarry in Fallbrook and participated in Project Cornerstone's in-class activities.

Crystal Howard, Alyssa Burley, and Jamie Metivier led the in-class activities which included a lecture about the local construction aggregates industry, a lab experiment where students analyzed sand samples to determine which type is best for making concrete, and a science project where students were able to make small concrete projects to take home.


Photos by Alyssa Burley and Crystal Howard.

While at the quarry, Gary Nolan from Granite Construction led the students on an educational tour.  They learned where the construction aggregates used in concrete and asphalt products are mined and processed.  Students were able to see how the large rocks are processed and sorted into smaller rocks in order to be used for construction purposes.

Thank you Granite Construction for opening your rock quarry to these local sixth-grade students.