Enniss Keeps Construction Waste Out of Local Landfills While Building Recreational Opportunities for the Community

Written by Alyssa Burley.

An established East San Diego County company, Enniss, Inc., is providing rock products and base material for the new San Vicente Reservoir Marina.  In spring of this year, the San Diego County Water Authority completed the expansion of the reservoir.  The San Vicente Dam was raised by 117 feet which more than doubled the reservoir’s storage capacity.  

Photos courtesy of Enniss, Inc.

Now, the dam has been completed and construction on the reservoir’s marina is taking shape.  Enniss is able to source some of the construction aggregate used to build the new marina on-site.  This reduces air pollution and transportation costs.  The remainder of the material must be imported to the site.  Though, more than 16% of the material brought in by Enniss is recycled.

“We are also providing 10,000 tons of recycled Class II base, which is a product that is made from concrete recycled from construction and demolition debris,” said Carolyn Sandoval, who manages the company’s finances.  “All C & D materials that are recycled into usable products extend the life of the landfills, as well as preserve natural resources.”

By using recycled construction and demolition materials, Enniss is able to reduce the amount of construction waste in local landfills and improve the quality of life for the surrounding community. 

“The work on the San Vicente Marina is being done so that boaters can launch their boats and enjoy fishing and water sports on the reservoir.”

Local construction aggregate companies throughout the county work on projects like this one that directly benefit the community.

For more information about Enniss, Inc., visit www.ennissinc.com or call (619) 561-1101.